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Make It Yourself Pencil Block

We’ve made it through the holidays and it’s back to school for Term 2.  So let’s make it great by creating a beautiful timber pencil block that will not only look stylish in your home but encourage the kids off the devices and into some creative drawing.

All you will need for this project is a lovely looking piece of timber that is approximately 180mm x 85mm x 85mm and your trusty DIY home drill with a 10mm drill bit.  We used Black Butt for it’s beautiful grain.  This cool Pencil Block will hold 12 standard sized pencils.

  1. Sand all sides of the block and round off the sharp edges.
  2. Mark 12 evenly spaced dots where you intend to drill the pencil holes.  To ensure that you drill the same depth for all pencils, place a piece of tape around the drill bit at 5-7cms and this will be the line where you stop drilling for each hole.
  3. Now that you are ready to drill the holes, you will need to keep the block still and steady.  The best way to ensure this is to put it in a vice so that it can’t move.  You could also clamp it to the bench you are working on.
  4. In the drilling process, keep the drill as straight as possible to ensure the pencils sit vertical.
  5. After all 12 holes are drilled, give the holes a quick sand at the openings and oil, paint or stain your block to fit in with any decor.  You can now start loading up your pencils.
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