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DIY Wooden Christmas Tree


Nothing says Christmas more than a traditional Christmas tree but sometimes we don’t have ample space or we just feel like something a little different. This year, why not take the “Make It Yourself” approach with this rustic, wooden tree that will be a feature in your home this Christmas and many more to come.

Shopping list:
9 lengths of 42mm x 19mm x 1.2m pine (to make up the following pieces)
Spacers x 26 – 4.5cm
Bottom Base – 60cm
Top Base – 60cm
Side Feet x 2 – 28cm
Branches x 25 – 2 x 50cm, 2 x 48cm, 46cm, 44cm, 42cm, 40cm, 38cm, 36cm, 34cm, 32cm, 30cm, 28cm, 26cm, 24cm, 22cm, 20cm, 18cm, 16cm, 14cm, 13cm, 12cm, 11cm, 10cm
1 x 1.2m length of 20mm Dowel
5 x 30mm 8 gauge screws
Wood glue

Tool kit:
Hand saw (or drop saw if you have access to one)
Sand paper or an electric hand sander
20mm hole saw (for use with drill)
Measuring tape


Wooden Christmas Tree

Firstly, you will mark all pieces to length. It’s imperative to mark out the 9 lengths of timber in the following configuration:

50cm + 50cm + 18cm
48cm + 48cm +10cm + 11cm
46cm + 44cm + 12cm + 13cm
42cm + 40cm + 14cm + 16cm
38cm + 36cm + 20cm + 22cm
34cm + 32cm + 24cm + 26cm
30cm + 28cm + 28cm + 28cm
60cm + 60cm
26 x 4.5cm


DIY Wooden Christmas TreeIn the centre of every marked out piece of timber (except the 2 side feet) you will need to cut a hole for the dowel. Mark the centre of all pieces and drill the holes using your 20mm hole saw.


Wooden Christmas TreeOnce the holes have been drilled, you can go ahead and cut each piece to length.  Sand all edges and holes.


DIY Christmas TreeNow it’s time to prepare the base. The stability of your tree is extremely important for safety reasons – we don’t want trees falling on heads at Christmas time! Take your bottom base piece and place the two side feet at either side to make a cross.


DIY Wooden Christmas TRee

DIY Wooden Christmas TreeGlue the top base piece over the feet ensuring the holes for the dowel line up in the top and bottom piece. Clamp and allow to dry. Turn the base over, pre-drill holes and screw them together.


DIY Wooden Christmas TreePlace the dowel into the base so it is flush at the bottom. Pre-drill a hole in the side of the top base piece and screw the dowel in place.


DIY Wooden Christmas TreeNow it’s time to assemble the tree. Place alternating spacers and branches onto the dowel until all pieces have been used. You should have a small length of dowel remaining at the top to attach a star or angel.


You’re now ready to decorate!

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Merry Christmas everyone.

Words & Workshop Images by Rebecca Tyndall of Willow & Wood

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