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The Runaway Doona

Doona Strap

After last week and still not being able to easily make their own beds, my two boys were super frustrated with their doonas.  Before bedtime, the doonas start out being tucked nicely and neatly into the end of the bed and by daybreak, they are scattered all over the floor.  I needed to find a way to wrangle those doonas and keep frustration down to a minimum on those rushed school mornings.

I came up with the SOLUTION: the DOONA STRAP.   It’s basically just a piece of thick elastic sewn to Brace Clips at each end.  This holds onto the doona to keep it from being kicked to the curb in the nightly struggle between kids and bedclothes.

Here’s what to if you have experienced the same RUNAWAY DOONA shenanigans.


You will need:

1 x 1m length of 25mm elastic (this is for a standard single bed)

2 x 25mm Brace Clips

1 x sewing needle and thread



1. Thread one brace onto the end of the elastic.  Fold the end of the elastic over 1.5cm and sew together.

Elastic & Brace


2. Tuck the end of the doona at the bottom of the bed as per usual bed making and clip the strap onto one side of the doona close to the end of the bed.  Pull the strap under the mattress to the other side of the bed and measure the correct length to sew the 2nd brace on.

Doona Strap


3. When you’ve measured the elastic, sew on the 2nd brace as per the first.

Doona Strap


4. Once the Doona Strap is finished, place the strap under the mattress and attach the clips on either side of the doona, close to the base of the bed and this is what it should look like.



Doona Strap


And this is what it should look like after the bed has been slept in – no more RUNAWAY DOONA.



Doona Strap

Happy Sleeping and Bed Making!

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Don’t forget to smile,

Rebecca 🙂

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