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Mud Room



With our fast paced and busy lifestyles, it’s often hard to keep our lives and homes in order.  Here are Willow & Wood’s TOP TIPS to truly organise your home.

MAKE A PLAN: What needs to be done to organise your home? Go room to room with a pen and paper, figure out and note down what the organisational issues and needs are for each room. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does the kids room need more storage for toys and games?
  • Are there lots of books that need to be stored yet kept close for use?
  • Do you need a clothes rack for dress ups?
  • Do you have lots of magazines and books laying around in the lounge room?
  • Do you need toy storage in the living room where the kids play?
  • Do you have substantial storage for hats, jackets, shoes and bags for the kids school stuff?
  • Do you have a small bathroom with no storage and need places to keep towels and toiletries?
  • Do you need a clothes basket in every bedroom so dirty clothes are kept off the floor.
  • Do you need shelving in some rooms to keep items on display?
  • Do you need hooks for hanging medals, garlands, clothes?

COMBAT CLUTTER: When we say we need more space it’s usually because we have TOO MUCH STUFF. You need to make a regular date when you clean out items that haven’t been used for a while, aren’t needed anymore or your kids have grown out of. Every 6-12 months is perfect and getting rid of clutter makes you feel good.

HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING: Do you sometimes wonder how some people keep their homes looking like a show room? Well, they have a place for everything – everything has a home and because it has a home, it gets returned there when it’s finished with. Once you have a home for everything and 1 drawer for the leftovers and small things that you can’t put anywhere, you’ll have order in your home.

GET A SYSTEM GOING AND STICK TO IT: When you have places to put items – dirty washing, toys, shoes, homework, hats, bags, magazines etc – drum it into the household where things go and keep reminding them for a couple of weeks and eventually it will stick. Once things are put away, straight away, the home practically organises itself!

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